COVID 19 Notice

Updated Patient Information during Covid-19 epidemic

The UK government has recently announced that all dental practices can now return to more normal ways of operating for routine dental care. Stringent safeguards are in place for the health and safety of the public and the dental team.

At Select Orthodontics we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We have worked really hard to put in place the required changes to open safely for everyone.

We will be prioritizing emergency treatments but routine appointments for orthodontic patients can now be offered.

If you have a dental emergency or require your routine dental examination, then please contact your own dentist.

When you attend the surgery you must expect some big changes in the way we manage your visit.

You will have to complete a comprehensive list of questions regarding your dental problem and your medical health, especially in relation to the on-going Covid-19 epidemic. We will email these to you via our data secure online portal, please note that we must have these details before attending your appointment, otherwise we will be unable to see you.

Please be tolerant of these questions, they are for your benefit.

When you attend:

- Please wear a face mask/face covering when attending your appointment.
- If you usually pay for your treatment, payment in advance over the telephone is required.
- You will be asked to attend alone, unless the appointment is for a small child, or you are a carer/chaperone for a vulnerable adult.
- If the appointment is for a child, please only bring that one child.
- For child orthodontic patients, if possible, we request that the parent remains outside the practice or waits in a car.
- Please do not bring any bags in with you.
- You must attend the surgery on time.
- On your arrival outside the surgery, you must wait in your car and make contact with the surgery by telephoning the surgery. We will tell you when to come to the door and then we will be able to let you in.
- You will be asked to use hand-gel, or alternatively to wash your hands. The patient toilet will not be available, so please use your own toilet before travelling.
- The practice will be observing a strict 2m Social Distancing policy, please be mindful of this if you come across any member of the public or staff in the reception area.
- You will be taken straight into the surgery where the dentist will need to confirm answers to some of the questions already asked.
- Please be mindful that we had to cancel over one thousand dental appointments during the first lockdown period. We will aim to get back to a more service as soon as possible, but at the moment our waiting times for appointments are a lot longer.


The Select Orthodontics Team

Contact details & where to find us

Call us today: 01642 246280 (Middlesbrough) | 01429 865290 (Seaton Carew)

Maintaining Our Standards

We are committed to providing a quality service that is designed with our patients at its centre. This is achieved by complying with guidelines that are set out by the dental profession, in addition to ensuring that we encourage and respond to patient feedback.

Here are some of the ways that we maintain our standards as an orthodontic practice.

CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulates Select Orthodontics. Our last check showed we were complying with the standards in all areas.

Download CQC report for Select Orthodontics, Middlesbrough

Download CQC report for Select Orthodontics, Seaton Carew

Putting patients at the centre of our policies and procedures

Patient safety and well being is at the heart of our practice. Our management structure ensures that policies are regularly reviewed and regular staff training allows us to continually improve our service.

Feedback from our patients is encouraged by holding regular patient questionnaires. There is also a suggestion box in our waiting room and our website has a section to allow patients and parents to give feedback on their treatment and the service we provide.

We take complaints very seriously and will take immediate steps to resolve any problems that our patients may bring to our attention.

Download our complaints Policy

Compliance with Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care within a health system with reference to 12 keys areas including infection control, dental radiography and child protection.

Download our Clinical Governance framework

Compliance with Information Governance, data protection and patient confidentiality

We have systems in place to protect the information that we hold about our patients and to ensure patient confidentiality.

Download our Information Governance Policy
Download our Data Security Policy
Download our Patient Confidentiality Policy