COVID 19 Notice

We are extremely sorry to inform you that Dental Care Seaton Carew remains in lockdown due to the national Coronavirus crisis. During these unprecedented times we are unable to provide the normal care that patients are used to. Our practice will remain open during normal working hours to provide advice to patients and where necessary provide care in the form of prescriptions for antibiotics and advice re self help for most dental emergencies.

Please contact us on 01429 234144 during normal working hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Your call will be triaged by a dental receptionist or dental nurse, if required a dentist will return your call later the same day and discuss the best way of managing your problem.

Urgent Dental Care Centres have also just been established to provide limited face-to-face urgent treatment by exception and following completion of a telephone clinical assessment completed by this practice or any other local NHS dental practice.

If you are calling outside of normal hours and have an urgent dental problem, please consider if this could wait until the following day or over the weekend rather than accessing the out of hours services.

If calling out of hours and the problem is extremely severe please contact the out of hours service through NHS111.

If your dental problem includes uncontrolled bleeding and a swelling that is causing breathing problems this is an emergency and you should go to A&E.”


1/ Broken tooth: if you have a lost filling or chipped/broken tooth. We recommend that you consider purchasing a travel temporary filling kit available from most large chemist stores.
2/ Loose or Lost crowns: You may want to consider trying to replace it with temporary cement such as Dentemp Recapit, available at large chemists or through the internet. Do not use a Superglue type adhesive.
3/ Toothache: This is best managed with analgesic pain relief; we recommend using Paracetamol and or Ibuprofen for those patients who are able to take it. Ibuprofen is contraindicated for young children and patients with Asthma. Warning, do not exceed the stated dose, if in doubt speak to your Pharmacist for their advice.
4/ Swollen Face affecting the airway. We recommend attending the Accident and Emergency department at your local Hospital as soon as possible.
5/ Uncontrolled bleeding after dental extraction : Attend Accident and Emergency department.
6/ Broken dentures: Contact the local mobile denture repair service Tracy 07747445167.
7/ Severe Facial/Dental Trauma: Attend Accident and Emergency department.


1/ Brace digging in? Consider applying wax over the area as already advised when we fitted your brace, this is available from the practice and most large chemists.
2/ Bracket is loose/detached. Leave this alone as it is unlikely to cause a problem, consider applying wax.
3/ Lost or broken removable appliances. At the moment we are unable to offer any service to repair or replace appliances as our dental laboratories have closed due the Coronavirus crisis. A temporary solution could be a simple heat moulded sports mouth guard.

Please see the link on our Orthodontic site produced by the BOS (British Orthodontic Society) that gives good advice on how you can make your brace more comfortable if it has broken.

Please remember, your safety is our main concern.

Follow government advice and please STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE!

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